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About our church bells

The Tower of St Leonard's Church Shirland has a ring of 6 bells, 2 of which are listed as being of significant historic importance.

TREBLE:          AD GLORIAM DEI 1972 John Taylor & Co. Loughborough. 
 This bell was installed at a cost of £350.00 and dedicated on November 22nd 1972 by the Rt. Revd. Thomas Parfitt, Assistant Bishop of Derby.  This bell was fitted with plain bearings at the request of the Parish and was the last newly-cast bell to be sent out of Loughborough Bell foundry equipped with plain bearings. 

 2nd BELL          FLOREAT ECCLESIA MDCCXIII 1 H.  Cast by Hedderley.

The inscription is interspersed with decorative blocks.  Below, a band of ornamentation encircles the bell which is somewhat pitted round the bow.  This bell is listed as of significant historic importance by virtue of its foundry.  

 3rd BELL          GOD SAVE HIS CHURCH 1710 
 Pattern fillets separate the words. No Founder's Mark

 4th BELL          GOD SAVE HIS CHURCH 1618 

 Each word of this inscription lies on slightly raised blocks.  No Founder’s mark. 

 This inscription is of rough execution in small Gothic letters. The component letters of the words ‘ORA’ and ‘NOBIS’ are widely separated.  The mark of the Founder follows within a shield. In addition there is a Founder’s stamp of an initial cross.  It is worth noting that, although Selyoke is ascribed as the Founder of this bell in the note above, it is possible that this ancient bell may have been a monastic bell which was sold off at the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  If this is the case, and we are grateful to the Curator of Taylor’s Museum, Trevor Jennings, for this information, then the bell might have been cast by ROBERT CROWCH, 1437-1460, hence the initials ‘RC’.  Crowch is generally ascribed as being a London Founder who, it is thought, made itinerant tours casting bells on site.  This bell is listed to be of historic significance by virtue of its age. 

Below the shoulder of the bell are the initials ‘H.D.’ wrought on each side of the Founder’s mark which consists of a Latin cross with a circle round the base.  The mark is that of Richard Mellour for whom Henry Dand (H.D.) was foreman.  

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