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Peals and Quarter Peals

Quarter Peal Day
St Leonard's Church, Shirland
Sunday 14th July 2013

Following the major overhaul of our bells, we now have a wonderful bell installation which should last for many years. Unfortunately though, there were no funds left for spare parts to keep the bells in running order and for routine maintenance.

To raise funds for such items, it was decided to hold a quarter peal day, each ringer would pay for the priviledge of ringing a quarter peal on the bells.

Seven Quarter Peals were attempted and a fantastic six were successful, notably with two of those being bands wholely made up of Shirland Ringers. The six successful quarter peals were:

11.00hrs - Shirland St Leonard - 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Treble - Richard Whittle, 2nd - Neil Westman(c), 3rd - Simon Westman, 4th - Anne Westman, 5th - Richard Westman, Tenor - Adam Whittle.
Points to note:- Rung by a Shirland Sunday Service Team. This was Adam Whittle's first Quarter Peal, Richard Whittle's first quarter away from cover, Anne Westman's 200th Quarter.

12.00hrs - The Westman Family - 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Treble - Andrew Giles, 2nd - Simon Westman, 3rd - Richard Westman, 4th - W John Kinchin, 5th - Anne Westman, Tenor - Neil Westman(c).

14.00hrs - Old Brampton - Kent and Oxford
Treble - Andrew E Hall, 2nd - Rosemary S Hall, 3rd - Tony Fisher(c), 4th - John Fisher, 5th - Joe Lerry, Tenor - Emily E Hall

15.00hrs - Derby Cathedral - 1260 Bob Minor
Treble - Peter Jenkinson, 2nd - Pat Halls, 3rd - Jana Pavova, 4th - Jane Boden, 5th - Scott Wheaver, Tenor - John Hawes (c)

16.00hrs - Derby St Peters - 1250 Norich S Minor
Treble - Chris Gilbert, 2nd - Alec Humphries (c), 3rd - Mike Redfern, 4th - Francis Gilbert, 5th - Alan Rowe, Tenor - Neil Westman

17.00hrs - Shirland St Leonard's - 1260 Bob Doubles
Treble - Stephen Clarke, 2nd - Neil Westman, 3rd - Anne Westman (c), 4th - Richard Westman, 5th - Simon Westman, Tenor - Adam Whittle
Points to note:- Rung by a Shirland Sunday service team. Stephen Clarke, first quarter away from cover. Adam Whittle only 2nd quarter within 6 hours of first.

The ringers at Shirland would like to thank all participating ringers and apologise to any parishioners who this may have affected. The day raised £185 to go to the bell fund towards new ropes, stays, slides etc. to keep our bells going for years to come.


Quarter Peal for a new prince
St Leonard's Church, Shirland

On Monday 22nd July 2013 the bell ringers had just left church following bell ringing practice when the news was announced of the birth of the yet unnamed baby prince, born to William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Hasty decisions were made, and the ringers returned to the church tower and rang a quarter peal in celebration of the occasion.

The ring began at 8.58pm and ended at 9.39pm. 1260 Bob Doubles and Grandsire were rung in 41 minutes by:

Treble - Richard Whittle, 2nd - Richard Westman, 3rd - Simon Westman, 4th - Anne Westman, 5th - Neil Westman (c), Tenor - Adam Whittle

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