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This page contains all the latest news from St Leonard's Church, in Shirland


Were you baptised and/or married in Shirland Church? 

Do you want to see the village church open and watertight? 

The Parochial Church Council of St Leonard's Church, Shirland has been informed that urgent and substantial repairs are needed to the North and South Aisle roofs of the church. This could cost upwards of £60,000. 

A decision has been made to set up an account to raise funds for this work. 

The PCC intends to apply for grants to assist with the payments, but also needs to raise funds through donations, legacies and fund-raising in the Parish. 

We intend to hold extra fund-raising activities to help with this, but already struggle to raise enough to keep the church running on a day-to-day basis. 

We invite those who live in the Parish to support us in this venture, and welcome suggestions to help in any way with events, sponsorship etc. 

We are grateful for donations and monies raised so far amounting to £7126.35

Further donations, however small, can be sent to the PCC Treasurer, Trevor Gosling, 14 Fernlea, Shirland, Derbyshire DE55 6EP


Thank you to everyone who supported the Easter raffle which raised £164 for church funds and the minimarket on April 21st which raised £295.42 for church funds. 

The following events have been planned: 

Lunchtime Minimarket in Church

Saturday May 12th 11.30 - 1.30

Summer Fair in the Village Hall

Saturday June 23rd 2pm

BBQ at the Marstons

Friday July 6th

The Christmas Fair will be on December 1st at the Welfare from 12 - 2pm

St Leonard's Church Bells

Many thanks to our Tower Captain, Richard Whittle and his team of bell ringers on the recent Quarter Peals as detailed below. 

Quarter Peal 25th March 9.30 - 10.15am 

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Martin Staines; 2 Anne Westman; 3 Neil Westman (C); 4 Michael Lawton; 5 Richard Whittle; 6 Lynne Biggin

To celebrate the appointment of Father Chris Andrew to the joint diocese

Quarter Peal 15th April 9.30 - 10.15am

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Julian Davies; 2 Anne Westman; 3 Simon Westman; 4 Richard Whittle; 5 Neil Westman (C); 6 Paul Searston

To mark the occasion of the first service at St Leonard's Church, Shirland of Father Chris Andrew

Quarter Peal 23rd April 8 - 8.45pm

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Martin Staines; 2 Neil Westman (C); 3 John Stirland; 4 Anne Westman; 5 Richard Whittle; 6 Pam Marston

To celebrate the birth of the new prince born to William and Kate

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