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Thank you to John and Chrissie Wood for providing us with Services during this lockdown period, to be joining together with friends from our Churches by a phone link, whoever would think we could do such a thing, there are little hitches during the Service because of time delay, I think with signals bouncing of satellites, (I don't really know) Whoever thought in our lifetime this would happen but it keeps us in touch with our worship, which we miss so much, as well as the being together in our Churches, never mind we will get through this time and be back together, remember We'll meet again. God bless

Hazel and Alan

St Peter’s


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In the last couple of Newsletters a 'thank you' has been printed to myself and Neil for doing gardening at St Peters. Whilst I have been mowing regularly and Neil has been digging and tidying around the tower and war memorial, we can't take credit for all the hard work.

Kath and Eddie have done a lot too – including weeding the driveway and whilst Joyce may not have been in church for a while she has been seen on her knees in the church garden.  Thank you to them for their hard work.

It is an enormous task, but very rewarding to see the results of our efforts, indeed a couple of people from the village have commented how nice it is looking.

However, there is still A LOT more to do – all the borders need a good weed and tidy.

If anyone feels able to spare half an hour or so to just pull up a few weeds, or get rid of some brambles, please feel free, so long as you observe social distancing regulations of course.

Trust me, it is actually good fun and very rewarding, the hardest part is knowing where to start – but just pick a bit of the border and give it a go if you want to.

I must also thank Jake and Gizmo the dogs who do an excellent job of supervising the work and making sure we do it to their exacting standards.

Anne Westman.

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