United Benefice of Morton and Stonebroom with Shirland

Our Churches of

Holy Cross Morton, St Peter’s Stonebroom and St Leonard’s Shirland

are great places to be married in!

A Church of England Wedding : Faith, Hope and Love.

The Church of England has launched a web site devoted to weddings.

www.yourchurchwedding.org with helpful advice on all aspects of marriage.

Churches are very special places and there are some things about a church wedding that you just can’t find elsewhere:-

A Spiritual Dimension.

God’s blessing is the main attraction for many couples.

Amazing Vows

Help couples to stay together and grow together.

The  Rector’s role.

Preparation and rehearsal can build a special relationship between the couple and the Rector (Father Chris).  Often that relationship encourages families to bring their new-born babies back to the church for Baptism at a later date.

Outstanding Beauty.

The Church of England has 16,000 church buildings and the flexibility for choice is greater than ever. The “Peaceful” or “serene” ambiance helps create a special experience.

Centuries of History.

When older churches are selected the walls reflect the long traditions of the faith and the community.  Couples may want to be married where their parents have celebrated their own significant life events, or be married in a parish where they once lived. Marriage regulations are much more flexible than they once were.

Wide range of wedding styles.

A church wedding can be as lavish or a simple as you like; the web site and Revd. Margaret can offer suggestions for readings and hymns.

Not just about the big day.

The local church will still be there for the couple, even if they were married elsewhere!


Whether or not couples are baptised and regardless of whether they go to church, they are welcome to be married in church.

But I’ve been divorced?

Divorce is not usually a barrier.  The times when it might be a barrier relate to how the previous marriage broke down and whether such matters as the care of children have been properly settled. A discrete chat with Revd Margaret can quickly give clarity if there are questions relating to those areas.

So whether it is a couple starting out on life’s journey or the crown to a mature relationship, marriage is worth doing and the Church can help people do it well.  If you are interested in getting married in Holy Cross, St Peter’s or St Leonard’s then do contact Revd Margaret in the first instance. 01773 836003.

Marriage Bookings


2nd March 2015 brought with it changes to the documentation required in order to be lawfully married in England. 

These are too complex to print in the magazines and full details can be obtained from Father Chris. But, in brief, if you are unable to provide all the following documents :- Full Birth Certificate, British Passport and Driving Licence in order to prove you are a British Citizen and living here - or -  one or both of you are Foreign Nationals it is very important that you do not book a Reception until you have met with Father Chris and all the required documentation has been provided.

All bookings will, in future, be provisional and not firmed up until all the documentation is in place and for Foreign Nationals or those without a British Passport, this could take some months.  This might seem onerous but it is a change in the Marriage Law of this country and, as the Church of England, we have no option but to comply with it.  We will do our very best to work with you to get your documentation in place so that your marriage booking can be made firm and you can be married in church.

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